A car rental in Launceston is one way to make your trip a breeze. Whether it’s a vacation or a business trip, car hire services simplify the hassles involved in moving from one place to another. You can save money on taxis and attend meetings and events from the comfort of your own vehicle.

Before you rent a car, though, make sure to look for these seven qualities.

A rental company with a stellar reputation

A company with a good reputation must have delivered outstanding services to other customers. Naturally, the chances of getting similar services are high since any company with a good name would like to retain it.

Good customer service

Any company offering a service should have customer care representatives who can answer customers’ questions satisfactorily. There should be no communication gap between the company and its customers. A company with good customer service and loyalty incentives will keep them for many years.

Insurance policy

A good car rental in Launceston should provide you with insurance cover. When driving a car, you must be ready for unforeseen situations, and insurance helps you avoid extra charges.

A car rental service that does not provide insurance cover doesn’t put the customer’s interest first and offers poor services.

Easy booking process

The website must be user-friendly and fully equipped with flexible rates, a stress-free booking system, fast service, and other features. A good website must have descriptions of the models, prices, available plans, and pick-up locations.

The best car rental in Launceston offers a registration process that is straightforward, short, and clear.

An easy booking process shows that the rental company values their customers.

A variety of cars

A good car rental service should have a wide range of vehicles. If a car hire company offers limited options, you may end up with a car that’s not suited to your needs. Make sure your car hire company offers both small, medium and large cars as you’ll never know when you need to switch!

Excellent pick-up service

When visiting a new place, especially for the first time, you want travelling around to be as stress-free as possible. It can be frustrating to stand in queues after a long flight. Instead, skip the queues with a car rental in Launceston that offers pick-up services even from the airport. That way, you can book a car beforehand and pick it up from the airport.

Affordable rental prices

No one wants to spend a fortune on car rental. Top on the quality list should be affordable and competitive prices. Flexible and affordable rental plans give you the peace of mind that you’re not locked into a particular option. The plans should include local and long-distance packages and have discounts for long-term rentals.

A reputable car rental service in Launceston offers flexibility, comfort, and ease of movement. ABC Car Hire is strategically located opposite the airport bringing convenience to you. Give us a call today to organise your Launceston car rental!