Car renting prices might vary due to the car size, location, brand, and availability. However, there’s an average car hiring price and process for most car hiring companies.

We’ll help you to list them out and inform you of other things to note when it comes to hiring a vehicle.

The Current Cost of Hiring or Renting a Vehicle

By the end of 2021, vehicle rental charges went to an unprecedented height because of the chip shortage, rise in demand, plus other supply chain challenges. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t look like the high cost might be reduced anytime soon.

So, what are the current prices of renting a vehicle? Well, at the beginning of 2022, the average cost of hiring a car in the US was $56.12 daily. It’s now $85.87 per day.

Before, you could get a cheap car for hire with £23 per day in the UK. Now the average cost to hire a vehicle in the country has risen to £52 per day.

In Australia, car rental used to start at $25 per day in 2021. Now the average cost to hire a vehicle in Tasmania is $75-85 per day.

Generally though, the car rent cost depends on various factors. Read on to see what influences the price of car rentals.

What Influences the Car Rental Cost?

In most cases, the car rental costs are influenced by the kind of car, the pickup location, the day, and the number of days to use the car.

Categorically, the factors are:

1. Your Pick-up/drop-off dates

Your car rental journey starts with dates! The pick-up and drop-off dates would affect the price of your car hiring.

Vehicle hiring rates are changing and dynamic. So it’s better to book the vehicle earlier. The earlier the better!

If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to avoid the rent during holidays or the high season.

2. Your Pick-up/drop-off location

Your location also influences the car rental rate. For instance, renting at the airport will be costly. The time, distance, or miles you’d go with the vehicle will also affect your charges.

Another influence on the cost involves how long the car takes until pick-up. It’s always best to rent the vehicle as soon as you know the pick-up and drop-off dates.

3. How long you’d drive

This is another impact on the car rental rate. In this, there are 2 options: unlimited and limited mileage.

Choosing any of them depends on your plan. If you’re going for a road trip, go for unlimited mileage. However, the limited mileage might be your best option if you’re just running errands around the city.

The unlimited and limited mileage availability depends on the rental company plus the car category.

While the standard model has two options, some luxury and exotic models may have only limited mileage available.

4. Car category

The kind of car you’re renting will mainly affect the cost. The fancier and higher the car quality, the more expensive the cost would be.

The idea is to choose a car that will serve your needs and budget. You can go for luxury and exotic cars if you have the money and want to have a fancy driving experience.

5. Extra protection and add-ons

Including extra protection and other add-ons will make you pay more. You can decide to include additional insurance for your reservation. Check with the company what car hire insurance you’ll need.

More so, you could include optional items to the booking, like children’s car seats and GPS. All these will increase the car rental rate.

Are you ready to hire a car?

The first thing to do when it comes to hiring a car is to search or browse for a reliable and efficient car rental company.

Next is to start your booking. The earlier you begin searching for your preferred option, the better car rental deal you’d get.

3-6 months in advance is the best time to book a car. Meanwhile, if you want to book the car the next day, be ready to pay a huge amount.

It’s good to study the hiring process of the rental company and check out its cost structure before you start anything. While some will accept debit cards, some others wouldn’t.

Importance of picking a reliable Car hire company

In most countries now, including Australia, there’s a car rental shortage and increased prices. So if you want to hire a car, book it in advance as soon as possible.

It can be expensive and tough to rent a vehicle nowadays, especially if you don’t know affordable and good car rental companies.

At times, travelers can show for their rental reservations and discover that there’s no available car, even when they’ve paid in advance and reserved one for themselves.

To be on the safer side, go for a reliable car rental company. In other words, select a trusted rental car firm to get the most of your money, achieve your aim, and have a nice driving experience.

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What’s the age approval to drive a rental vehicle?

Several car rental firms earmark the approval age at 21. In the US, UK, and Australia, anyone younger than 21 may not be allowed to rent or drive a rental vehicle.

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