Launceston is one of Australia’s ancient cities. It has slowly but steadily grown in size and prominence, leaving an indelible mark on the Australian island state.

At the end of the nineteenth century, Launceston was named a city after being designated as a municipality in 1853 and attaining town status only a few years later.

As the city has grown in size, so have the many visitors eager to learn about Launceston’s fascinating history.

What To Find in Launceston?

For those who find themselves in the lovely northern part of the island, Launceston offers a lot.
This city can please any traveler looking for a place to rest, from spectacular natural beauty to a pleasant old-timey vibe.

Enthusiasts, particularly those eager to explore the adjacent hills and mountains – will not be short on new and exciting views and experiences.

Foodies will also find a treasure trove of delights in Launceston, as will those who want to shop for the most fashionable pieces, or enjoy the nightlife by drinking and dancing it away.

Interesting Places to Visit in Launceston

The Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery

The Queen Victoria Art Gallery & Museum, which has two spots, is a fantastic venue to learn about local history while admiring Australian and worldwide art. It is also Australia’s greatest regional museum.

The Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery

The art gallery on Wellington Street is located in an attractive 19th-century structure, heritage-listed, with ten different galleries showing Tasmanian work of art since colonial times up till now. It comprises historical photography, foreign paintings, and arts mainly for decoration.

A family space in art is also available at the gallery, with the Museum’s main attraction being a magnificent Chinese temple bearing gold leaf decorations that house ceremonial objects from mining communities in the northeastern region of Tasmania.

Gorge of Cataracts

Cataract Gorge, carved by the South Esk River, is only a 15 minute walk from Launceston’s city center. A top activity to enjoy here is a walk down the scenic route, enjoying the beautiful view of the river. You also get to take the world’s longest single-span chairlift to get to the summit.

Gorge of Cataracts
A café and a dazzling swimming pool are located south of the river and are a great venue to cool off on a warm day. On the northern side, Cliff Grounds is a fern-fringed Victorian garden with beautiful peacocks and friendly wallabies. You can also take a trip down the river to see the sheer cliffs and cascades from the water’s edge.

Other activities to enjoy include rock-climbing and zip-lining.

Wetlands of Tamar Island

Tamar Island of Wetlands, only a few-minutes drive using a cheap car hire Launceston from the city center, is a refuge for nature explorers and lovers, particularly birders.

The interpretation center should be your first stop – it is where tourists get all the details on the Tamar River’s history, native species, and wetlands ecosystems.

Wetlands of Tamar Island

After perusing the exhibits, take a walk along boardwalks, and absorb the beautiful sceneries of the River of Tamar and its lagoons.

Swans, big Egrets, Ducks, Pelicans, and Swallows, Snakes and Frogs, are regularly seen (in summer). In addition, Pademelons can often be seen peeking directly from the grasslands on the outskirts.

Photographers should endeavour to bring their cameras, while professional birders will bring their binoculars for up-close views.

How To Locate The Best Places to Visit in Launceston?

With Aviation services, one can easily reach Launceston Airport, as it serves as a key gateway for visitors to the Apple Isle.

The city has excellent transportation links to Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, and the journey from Launceston Airport to the main city center takes only about 10-15 minutes by automobile.

With a cheap car hire Launceston, driving to the city from Mainland Australia is possible.

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