Frequent Answers and Questions

What are your terms and conditions?
Full terms and conditions can be found HERE
Can I take vehicles off road?
ABC Car Hire and Rentals vehicles are permitted on unsealed roads (gravel roads) provided
that they are properly formed and NOT 4wd tracks or washed out Care should be taken on all roads but especially unsealed roads as the loose gravel can become slippery particularly at corners
Can I take my car into National parks?
ABC Car Hire and Rentals vehicles are allowed into all national parks provided the roads are not closed to weather or roads are poorly formed or washed out Care should be taken when traveling on unsealed roads
Can I take my vehicle to Bruny Island?
ABC Car Hire vehicles are allowed to Bruny Island.
Are seat belts required to be worn in Australia?
It is mandatory within all States of Australia to wear seatbelts. Fines apply to both driver and passenger if seat belts are not worn
What do I do in the event of an accident or breakdown?
In the event of an accident or breakdown, contact the ABC Car Hire Assistance number located at the top of your rental agreement. All accidents should be reported to both the ABC Car Hire Assistance number and where practical the Police (000) should be phoned. The driver is required to complete the ABC Car Hire Accident report located in the glove box as well as
any forms from local or state authorities.
Can I drop vehicle of at a location other than where picked up?
ABC Car Hire vehicles can be relocated if arrangements made with rental staff. There is usually a relocation fee applied to do so and varies from location.
What do I need to bring to the counter to rent a car?
All drivers need to be present at initial sign up and hold a current drivers licence. Drivers with an overseas licence need to have passport, international licence or insure there is an English translation of their licence.

Along with the licence you will need to bring form of payment. Payment is upfront and no vehicle can be rented with an outstanding balance

How old do I have to be to rent a car?
You have to be 21 or older and be on a FULL unconditional licence. We will consider on a case by case under 21’s and P platers (higher excess liabilty will apply).